The Food in India

indianfoodIn the globe, diverse and rich cuisines can be found but in India, there are some very famous dishes prepared by the experts belong to that country or hired from another region across the world. India has various factors for being famous among tourists and one of the biggest reasons is its food and variety of cooking.

Indian chefs know various styles of cooking and know how to satisfy tourists especially when they arrived from Europe and America. Tourist always looks forward to tasting the Indian foods as well as to see numerous places famous in the globe.

We met at circle n maze in San Antonio when we were with out childs, there the Tourists, who visit India, can easily find the difference of cosines between the northern areas and southern areas. People coming from the globe usually turn and travel to North India as there they can have what they expect from other countries.

The Southern area of India contains tasty foods, though, but the taste is completely different from the regions tourists expect to have when they visit other corners of the globe. When we talk about the ingredients included in northern regions of India when they prepare foods, the main ingredients include vegetables and meat.

They usually soak the meat and vegetables in onion and tomato. Numerous thick pieces of fresh bread they mix when they make yogurt sauces.

On the other hand, Northern India is famous for other things. For example, they use spicy chili with coconuts when cooking tasty rice. All the regions tend to use vegetables more than meat. I would like to suggest tourist try different tastes provided by Indian.

Don’t stick to a specific area for eating meals, instead, try different areas and have fun with seeing well-known places and enjoy various dishes whether they belong to vegetables or meat.

The tourists, who enjoy eating non-vegetable meals, are recommended to visit particular areas where foods made of vegetables are available without bother. He should visit cities and towns where restaurants provide completely meat-free dishes.

Beef is forbidden to eat in Hinduism that’s why they feel very angry when they hear about a person likes to eat beef. Many other people don’t eat beef and fish in southern India. Various restaurants are there who state clearly if the dishes available are non-vegetarian or vegetarian.