The beautiful valleys of Pakistan

neelum-famous-placesI was researching on Pakistan and its attractions as i have heard a lot about this country. So i decided to meet one of my old Pakistani friends who was working over Kitchen Remodeling Fort Lauderdale. I called him and went to see him. I asked him about the country and he said that Pakistan is a name of country that every citizen of every country knows and relates to only worse things like corruption, load shedding, bribe, target killing, suicide attacks and many other things. God has blessed this country by many beautiful things that can take you to dreamland. These places are not less than a dream and beauty is beyond one’s imaginations. If we talk about these places the name of valleys in Pakistan comes at first place.

Naltar valley:

This valley is located 40km from Gilgit as one can only reach t this beautiful place by jeep. There are so many pine trees in Natlar valley. This valley produced world’s tastiest potatoes ever. If one wants to experience paradise during life than he must visit this valley as it looks like out of this world.  Natlar valley is an amazing place which makes you to fall in love again and again.

Gojal valley:

This valley is located in north of Pakistan. It is largest tehsil in Gilgit-Baltistan. Gojal valley is chain of large and small valleys. It is also said that is valley is located where Pakistan begins because it touches the border of China and Afghanistan.

Ayun and Bamburet Valley:

Bamburet valley is one of three valley of Kalash valley. Ayun is village surrounded by beautiful mountains. It is located in Chitral District. It takes only 2hours from Chitral to Bamburet valley. Lakes, lush greenery and beautiful mountains take you to totally new world.

Leepa valley:

Leepa valley is located in Azad Kashmir. This valley is too beautiful. The mountains are covered with snow from May to November and pine trees take part to decorate this scenic view. Pine trees on mountains and snow is such a great combo. People from around the Pakistan come to this place to catch the beauty of valley. Buses take tourists to Reshian and from Reshian tourists have to arrange only jeep to go to Leepa valley.